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Our Story

myanmar lady, myanmar beauty, thanaka face mask, thanaka powder, pure thanaka powder, truly thanaka, thanaka uk, thanaka soap, thanaka usa, To understand Truly Thanaka, you must start by imagining a time hundreds of years ago in ancient Myanmar / Burma.In this world, women cared for their skin with the Earth’s purest bounty, mixing their own luscious potions from native flowers, herbs, bark and fruits. They were rewarded with gloriously youthful skin, despite the intensely sunny climate. They possessed great respect for nature’s healing power, extensively cultivating their knowledge of botanicals and passing that prized wisdom down through generations.truly thanaka, thanaka, thanaka wood, natural thanaka, thanaka bark, myanmar thanaka, asian beauty,

Just as importantly, they recognized the value of taking time to care for themselves. Their sacred rituals were as much about achieving a sense of well-being as they were about achieving radiant skin. They understood the profound link between internal contentment and external beauty.

This magical, mysterious time is worlds away from the fast-paced modern culture we know today.

Toxic chemicals have seeped into a staggering number of products, and we’re too busy caring about the stress of daily life to truly care for ourselves.

At the heart of Truly Thanaka is a passion for reintroducing the time-honored ingredients and philosophies of Myanmar & Southeast Asia to a new generation across the globe. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western botanicals, and inspire a new way of thinking about skin and body care. We seek to preserve the integrity of our ancestors by not only keeping their extraordinary recipes alive, but also their beliefs about nurturing both body and soul.

We do this through our specialized knowledge of these precious gifts from nature. We do it by keeping them in their purest state, just as they were used centuries ago. We do it by infusing our formulas with sumptuous textures and a sense of indulgent, spa-like luxury that’s designed to be savored. Most of all, we do it because it’s changed our lives and we believe it will do the same for you.truly thanaka, thanaka, thanaka wood, natural thanaka, thanaka bark, myanmar thanaka, asian beauty,